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Laravel powered Business Plan Competition Web Application

Laravel 4.1, MySQL 5.6, HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap 3

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September 2014

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About the Application

The site lets the teams register for the business plan competition which is being conducted at NUST and has been sponsored by Mobilink.

Once registered team members can be managed from member dashboard. Teams can submit documents and information for different phases on the competition, which are auto assigned to the mentors for grading as per the rules defined on the administration backend. Once graded the teams which are successful are moved to the next round and this process repeats until the last round.

On the administration backend site teams can be searched, emails can be scheduled for teams with auto assignments to managers. The super-admin can also override all options

There are different reports available for different phases of the competition and about teams, all of which can be exported to Excel.

We have used laravel best practices of having the business logic in the models.
Blade templating engine is used and site uses bootstrap for layout.