PRO Live Chat

NodeJS powered Highly Scalable and Responsive Chat Application using MongoDB, Jade and Stylus

NodeJS, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3

Spring 2013

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About the Application
  • Highly Scalable
  • Proactive engagement
  • Mobile ready (fully responsive)
  • In page chat widget (no popover)
  • Can be integrated with FB
  • Very detailed analytics including Typing speed, Operator’s online time, First response time, Chats handled, Leads generated
  • Integration with CRMs like DealerSocket, eLeadCRM and CRM
  • Concept of operator managers (can take over chat, can watch/monitor chats in real time)
  • Chat transcripts emailed to multiple emails (configurable)
  • Chat system can be white labeled
  • View visitors browsing your website and engage with them by sending a message
  • See visitors browsing history
  • See how long they stay on a page
  • Ability to push a url on the visitor browser