An individual who believes in designing products that have a purpose and aren’t just pretty pixels

I am the one you Seek!

You’re passionate about design and people. You believe in designing products that have a purpose and aren’t just pretty pixels. You want to make the world better for people online and set very high standards for yourself and possesses the discipline and patience to learn from your mistakes and continuously improve.

We’re looking for someone with a diverse knowledge of product design, everything from solving interaction problems with sketches to layering in visual design to front-end code. We need someone who doesn’t shy away from interacting with clients or standing up for their design decisions. 

What skills are we looking for?

  • Interaction Design
  • Wireframing, flow
  • Visual Design
  • Creating layouts and hierarchy, illustrations and compelling visual design elements
  • Front-End Development with a strong knowledge of CSS3, HTML5
  • Various Front End optimization techniques to reduce page load times
  • Coding using our responsive frameworks such as Foundation and
  • Design Strategy
  • Conducting user research, user interviews and creating user stories
  • Working directly with clients and Leads on projects
  • Communication
  • Work Sessions
  • Holding work sessions off-site and on-site
  • Internal Products
  • Deep Knowledge of the latest Design Trends in Web and Mobile Application Design
  • Ability to troubleshoot and resolve browser compatibility issues to ensure a similar user experience across all browsers


You will be signing a legal contract with us that safeguards the interests of the organization as well as our clients.


4 years Graduate degree in Computer Sciences or related fields from an accredited institute.

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