Mongoose URL Slugs

Allows automated Generation of URL Slugs with several options for URL customization.

Details are available here:

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Chunk it

From the makers of popular Node.js modules comes another epic new release…

Wait for it…



Well we call it:

Chunk It!

It’s a simple and lightweight interface for chunking stream data in NodeJS.

It is┬áSuper fast and super … Read More

Nodejs Streaming S3 Module

After the release of the amazing google spreadsheet module comes another exciting release by the team at Mindblaze.

Lo and behold the Streaming S3 module that contains tons of exciting features for budding nodeJS programmers who would like to play with … Read More

Foundation Date Range Picker

We just ported a Date Range Picker from Bootstrap to Foundation.

Check it out here.

Features include extensive date and time options to choose from and support for Entypo icon fonts.

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