March 8, 2014

Getting Ready for Windows Phone Development

Jumpstart your Windows Phone Dev

Starting Windows Phone Development can at times be challenging as all the relevant information is not always available in one place.

So we have compiled a mini-howto to help jumpstart your endeavors and help you save time.

Start off by downloading:

  • Windows Phone 8 SDK ISO
  • Visual Studio Express ISO

While the software downloads:

  • Consult the following Post
  • After confirmation, that you have the desired hardware specification then.
  • Install Fresh Clean Windows 8 or 8.1.
  • After Installation of windows, just change the windows Updates setting to “Download but let me choose to install”.
  • Please note that Hyper-V is needed to run the Windows Phone Simulator. To check if Hyper-V is on and running, just go to windows menu and search for “hyper-V Manager Utility” and run it. After execution if it gives no error then you have installed hyper-V correctly.
  • Install Visual Studio Express 2012
  • If You have Installed Windows 8.1 then you also need to update visual studio to using Update 4 available from Microsoft
  • After installing and updating VS you have to install the windows Phone SDK for Development.
  • Enjoy Programming 🙂