Laravel, MySQL 5.6, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4

Summer 2018

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About the Application

Ability Aids is a canadian based organization targeted to help out people with disabilities. The platform contains a wide variety of products that can be purchased online and delivered to the customer directly. The platform allows vendors to join the marketplace , sell their products and track their orders. Key features of the platform include: 1. Developed on the Laravel Framework 5.5.4. 2. Used repository based architecture. Integration with Stripe , including membership system with Stripe and split payments. 3. Elastic search implementation 4. Zend desk API integration for support 5. Taxation management for different regions in canada 6. Shipping integration with Canada post 7. Fully functional super admin panel to moderate stores, content team , support and review store sales. 8. Bootstrap version 4 9. Php version 7