Laravel, MySQL 5.6, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4

Winter 2018

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About the Application

Victory GIS is a company that conducts surveys for different companies. They create 3D imagery of these surveys and then create KMZ files that allow images to be linked into these files. KMZ files need to be then run through google maps API to plot points of the survey with each point representing the aerial 3D photography. This project required complicated integration with google maps API and integration of KMZ wth google maps API. The other part of the project required creation of a web interface that allowed viewing of these files to selected clients only. A web admin interface was created for managing projects and clients.

Key features include

1. Developed on the Laravel Framework 5.5.4.

2. Used repository based architecture.

3. KMZ file parsing.

4. KMZ integration with google maps API.

5. Custom admin panel.

6. Custom design.