January 4, 2014

Using the same Image in Multiple Posts in WordPress

Our Wordpress Plugin saves you space and time


We have often had clients requesting the ability to utilize the same image across multiple posts. This is currently possible with Featured Images in WordPress however the same image cannot be utilized inside a particular post body itself.

This leads to duplicate data entry and file upload effort as well as utilization of extra hard drive space on the webserver.


The Mindblaze Engineering Team recently wrote a plugin that overrides the default “Add Media” WordPress System. You need to upload image once and you can use it in multiple posts without uploading again.

If you want to remove an image from a post, open the post editor and click the media button “Upload images”. Then select the image and click the button “Remove From This Post”. The image will be removed from post.


  • One copy of image on server. It helps to reduce the space usage.
  • Just one time upload of an image.
  • One can easily remove an image from a post without deleting the original source.